Paperback, 448 pages

Spanish language

Published Feb. 17, 2020 by Insólita Editorial.

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4 stars (10 reviews)

Lovelace era la inteligencia artificial de la peregrina, una nave tuneladora. Tras despertar se en un nuevo cuerpo sintético después de un traumático fenicio y borrado de memoria, tendrá que empezar desde cero en un mundo donde los de su clase son considerados ilegales. Nunca se ha sentido tan sola. Pepper, una de las ingenieras que arriesgan su vida para reinstalar a Lovelace, se ha comprometido a ayudar le a adaptaron a su nueva vida. Porque Pepper sabe algunas cosas acerca de empezar desde cero. Juntas, Pepper y Lovey descubrirán que, aunque el universo sea un lugar inabarcable, dos personas pueden ser suficientes para llenarlo.

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reviewed Libration by Becky Chambers (Les voyageurs, #2)

Libration de Becky Chambers

5 stars

Le tome 2 des Voyageurs. Du coup je m’attendais à retrouver l'équipage du tome 1. Pas du tout ! Par contre l'histoire est centrée sur des personnages déjà présent dans le tome 1. L'histoire est la quête d'identité et de sens de deux personnes, l'une humaine et l'autre IA. Comme le premier tome c'est bien écrit, et on attend qu'une chose : lire le tome 3 !

reviewed A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers (Wayfarers, #2)

The two main characters just weren't for me

3 stars

Thoroughly enjoyed the worldbuilding and the story, but I felt like I had to do the work to relate to the characters. They both start off at points in their lives that are unique, interesting - and hard to wrap my head around. The author does a great job giving them distinct voices and letting them grow over time, but I just found them too far removed to really get into the book.

The secondary characters, however! I really loved reading about them from the perspectives of the protagonists, and as always, the interactions are wonderfully crafted.

reviewed Dvě místa na slunci by Becky Chambers (Poutníci, #2)


4 stars

Druha cast navazuje volne na predchozi dej, kdy Sidra, byvala lodni UI Lovelace, obyva lidsky telo. Je to opet poklidny, pohodovy cteni a plyne nak tak samo.

Kdyz se nad tim zamyslim vic, tak flashback cast je dost slusne propracovana a pride me tenhle dil o poznani kvalitnejsi.

Second story focuses on (not only) troubles of former spaceship AI moved to human body. There's also flashback to Chilli's childhood, painting careless society growing genetically modified kids for labor. It's somewhat more complex than first part and I like different timelines, despite being it a bit predictable.

feel good but real scifi too

4 stars

i enjoyed A Closed and Common Orbit even more than the prequel one. (which has not enough story to keep up--for my taste at least) i think of it as a kind of double bildungsroman, with two developing characters between which the novel is split.

Chambers connects her scifi(-world) convincingly and smoothly with the problems most of us are facing and can relate to. it's how scifi should comment the present. and although the focus is always on the personalities, there are also a lot of social themes and thoughts.

a lot of readers mention the caring characters throughout the story, which make it so satisfactional to follow. I can support that! but it would be sad to think, it's just another form of escapism, a tweak to the genre. this is a shortcoming of understanding the themes Chambers is working on.

the real impact makes Chambers skill in building …

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