Quand la tigresse descendit de la montagne

, #2


14,5 x 20 cm, 128 pages

French language

Published May 11, 2023 by L'Atalante.

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4 stars (4 reviews)

[Résumé éditeur] Des tigresses métamorphes amatrices de poésie, des mammouths de guerre aussi impressionnants que placides, une jeune lettrée tiraillée entre son cœur et sa raison, fantômes, goules et esprits-renards à l’affût, aventures baroques et amours libres… Dans cette aventure de l’adelphe Chih, Nghi Vo nous convie à un étonnant voyage, inspirée tant par les contes et la poésie de l’Asie du Sud-Est que par les combats sociaux qui l’animent. Aucun carcan ici, aucune frontière, seul importe le récit, porté par une plume légère et des images d’une originalité folle.

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reviewed When the Tiger Came down the Mountain by Nghi Vo (The Singing Hills Cycle, #2)

Another wonderful novella

5 stars

A perfect read for an automn evening with a cup of tea. Nghi Vo is an incredible storyteller, who never loses the reader in her stories of stories told by storytellers as well as tigers. In her world, tigers fall in love in young humans, or sometimes eat them, and sit around the fire listening and re-telling their side of the old stories... It is quite magic.

reviewed When the Tiger Came down the Mountain by Nghi Vo (The Singing Hills Cycle, #2)

When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain

4 stars

I wasn't sure at all where the rest of this series was going to go, but I was pleasantly surprised that rather than aiming for some continuity in the story of the world, or even in character development, instead this book was a continuity of theme. This second (and third book) are both also stories about telling stories, although each of which comes with their different own framing and perspective.

This story is more adjacent to a classic Scheherazade setup, but there's more depth in the layering of the frame story here. I really enjoyed this book's negotiation over the truth of stories; there isn't one privileged truth, but rather different storytellers with their own audiences, as well as disagreements over what makes a good tale. Rather than this creating an unsatisfying ambiguity, I felt like the back and forth over how to tell the story created characterization and made …

reviewed When the Tiger Came down the Mountain by Nghi Vo (The Singing Hills Cycle, #2)

Highly recommended

4 stars

I wasn’t quite sure how Nghi Vo would continue after her Empress of Salt and Fortune – after all, her main character Chih, the recording monk, is hardly fit to carry sustained narratives. I needn’t have worried: this never tries to burden them with that task.

Instead, we are treated (and what a treat it is) to another take on the magic of storytelling and the nature of truth. If Empress was all about the true story lying hidden, this is about how the truth of stories is negotiable. Formally consistent with, and sharing the same rich world building as its predecessor, this second instalment is as enjoyable as the first, a wonderful feat of complex storytelling happening without any of the usual fanfare.

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5 stars